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qu'aurait fait Daniel Johnston?

qu'aurait fait Daniel Johnston?

jean-Luc Le Ténia, album « almah » 2009

Ajoutée le 9 févr. 2011

et qu’aurait fait Daniel johnston? Seul l’art me console


je suis impardonnable, on me cache on me cache

je regarde les images, je revois ton visage

dans le ciel les nuages, sont noirs mauvais présage


et qu’aurait fait Daniel johnston? Seul l’art me console

et qu’aurait fait Daniel johnston? Seul l’art me console


et courir en treillis, et tenir un fusil

je voudrais mourir, je voudrais tuer

je ne veux plus souffrir, pouvez-vous m’aider?


et qu’aurait fait Daniel johnston? Seul l’art me console

et qu’aurait fait Daniel johnston? Seul l’art me console


je regarde les images, je revois ton visage

une à une les pages, forment mon paysage

et courir en treillis, avec une mitraillette

de tous mes ennemis, je ferai des rillettes

vous êtes impardonnables, on se cache on se cache

et si je dois crever, que je sois le dernier


et qu’aurait fait Daniel johnston? Seul l’art me console

et qu’aurait fait Daniel johnston? Seul l’art me console

et qu’aurait fait Daniel johnston? Seul l’art me console

et qu’aurait fait Daniel johnston? Seul l’art me console




Seul l'art me console - Seule l'arme console ?

Jean-Luc Le Ténia, de son vrai nom Jean-Luc Lecourt, se donne la mort le 3 mai 2011, après avoir composé près de 2000 morceaux. Il avait 36 ans.




Daniel Johnston: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Publikováno 11. 6. 2012

Daniel Johnston, né en 1961 à Sacramento, est un auteur-compositeur-interprète américain de musique pop, folk ou rock, dans un style qualifié de lo-fi. Il est également dessinateur dans un style à mi-chemin de la bande-dessinée et des dessins d'enfants.

Son parcours, sa personnalité et ses albums atypiques lui confèrent un statut singulier, un peu mythique, auprès des auditeurs et des critiques.

Vendeur dans un Mc Donald, Daniel Johnston aurait commencé à écrire à l'aube des années 1980 des dizaines de chansons pour séduire une fille qui finit par épouser un croque-mort. La chanson My baby cares for the dead évoquerait cette mésaventure. Quoi qu'il en soit, cela est représentatif de sa musique et de sa vie, qui sont chez lui presque indissociables.

Kurt Cobain, Sonic Youth, Beck, TV on the Radio, Butthole Surfers, Yo La Tengo, Tom Waits, Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), Mark Linkous de Sparklehorse, Jean-Luc Le Ténia sont quelques-uns de ses fans.


 The Story Of An Artist

Publikováno 29. 5. 2013

Un ami d'enfance témoigne :  

    I knew Danny growing up. This song is his Mom talking to him. Danny would go around drawing Dead dogs eyeballs every where. His Mom would be embarrassed and tell him to stop. She was very religious and would always try to get him to be what she wanted him to be. She meant well. I remember the piano you hear him playing on. I remember sitting next to him. I am very proud of my friend. Through his mental struggles he had the courage to do what he wanted. How many of us can say that? We go to work and spend our lives doing things we don't want to do to earn a pay check. Danny's not crazy we are. The truth is and I don't think Danny ever realized it he never had to be so insecure in believing in himself. Where we grew up people put you down if you didn't have money and walk the so called normal path. Peoples Dads worked in Weirton Steel. Our generation had nothing. I left and joined the Air Force to get out of there. Danny probably felt alone as his friends moved on and then he moved to Austin. I know when I left there I was scared. I had never been any where but WV. Later in life I found his CDs in a record store . I couldn't believe it. All the songs he played in his basement were there. it had been years since I heard them. My childhood was for sale in his Music. He was such a great artist, he could draw anything. I always thought he would become another famous graphic artist and the music would be second. As I got older I realized his pain and the meaning of his songs. I could relate to him. He would draw apple cores with a leg. We thought it was great. I hope to see him again. Enjoy his music. Some people want to think it is simplistic, but the truth is it is very deep.



Daniel Johnston "Hard Time"

Daniel Johnston



Daniel Dale Johnston was born January 22, 1961 and remains an enduring and important American visual artist, songwriter and musician. However, success would not come easy for Daniel. He subsequently spent extended periods in psychiatric institutions after being diagnosed with a severe form of bipolar disorder that often featured psychosis. Despite setbacks and repeated bouts with stardom that aggravated his condition, Daniel continued to produce prolific work, and his songs were praised for their honest and compelling lyrics. Through the extended efforts of friends and family, Daniel released over twenty-five albums and published more than five- hundred songs through the span of his career. Originally aspiring to be a comic-book artist, Daniel drew incessantly. His art proved to have the same appeal as his music. In 2004, he finally took his place as a key American artist when his works were featured in the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial. In 2005, his life became the subject of the critically-acclaimed documentary, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, directed by Jeff Feuerzeig, and the soon-to-be-expanded book, Hi, How Are You: The Life, Art, and Music of Daniel Johnston, written by Tarssa Yazdani and Don Goede. Daniel died on September 11, 2019. His art continues to exhibit domestically and internationally, and with each new generation, he finds an ever-expanding fan base around the world.

True Love Will Find You in the End -

Daniel Johnston & Hi, How Are You Project feat. Beck + more

Daniel Johnston Official




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